Thursday, June 19, 2008

Quick Pic Fix

I haven't done very many "quick" changes to pics in awhile, and I decided I needed to revamp my profile photo, so I did. This picture was taken on our trip to the Dominican Republic.

I cropped it, greyed it, and just added some fuzzing. I love how something so simple can really make a picture look so very different.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Adding more color

It's been awhile since I've worked on any of my pictures. I have another picture I really liked the look of, but kind of wanted to see it in color. Unfortunetly the scan was not very good quality, and when I look at it close up it is blurred and in general, not as good as if I could just have it printed directly from the film in black and white. So, what I'll probably do for my scrapbook is have the picture below in black and white, and then add a smaller picture, which is in color, to the corner of the page of dad giving me a kiss on the cheek. I think that would be a lovely page, especially since I want to have this picture printed in a 6x6 or maybe larger (as it is square... perhaps I'll just do it as an 8x10 or something).

Here is the original scan. Once again, the quality of a black and white scan is not so great.

And here I added color using another photo, blurred the background, and added a whiteout blurring effect to the edge of the photo.