Thursday, April 2, 2009


This wedding photo is not something I would want to scrapbook... unless I could fix it of course. I knew what I wanted to do to fix it, but it was gonna take another 3 pictures blended into this one to do it.

First of all, three of us are sitting. Not really working out so much... so I found a pic of mom standing (she was being walked down the aisle), tried to make it look like she had her arm behind her back, and put her in that way. I moved my SIL's up 'one step' to match with the boys on the other side, added my one SIL's 'back' from another photo someone else took (our photographer chopped her off when he took the pic), moved the boys closer in, took out one BIL who is no longer part of the family anyway (divorce... such a nasty thing)... it worked better with the scheme of things anyway to do so, and he's in another photo anyway. I 'moved' my nephew to stand with the BIL's. Moved dad over too. Then I added me and DH from another photo of us standing. Ok... I guess this is a 5 in one... 'cause I needed my skirt from somewhere as the photo of the two of us had someone sitting on it. Anyway, it took a REAL long time and a lot of work. I think it was well worth the effort. As usual, I faded the edges a bit too.

Not even the same photograph! I love black and white... it's so much easier to match other pics together!