Thursday, July 30, 2009

So Close!

I think I'll only have one more post after this one, and my album will be done!

The above photo is of the guest list page, and the redid page that I had posted in my last post. The bright yellow one? Yeah, completely different... paper, photos, etc. (July 28)

This one I could finally work on since I had the pictures of us signing now. I wanted to have the photo of the women singing the song that I typed up, but that was a color photo, and to keep both of these pics of us each signing, it wouldn't have worked. Plus, it just wasn't the greatest quality photo either. (July 28)

I did this page today. Took a long time. I had such a hard time with it because I REALLY wanted to use the sheet of paper on the left, this was the only place I could really use it, and it seemed busy, so I had to try to work with it a bit. I'm happy with the result. The ribbon was what really sealed the deal here. (July 30)
Alright, now I only have 5 pages to go! The two of the groom, the two with the both of us together, and the final page. Shouldn't take much since the paper is already picked out for them all. I'm looking forward to this being complete! :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Guess what... more Scrappin

Time for more pics.

First some older pages I did ages ago.

This was the last page I did before I quit for 2 years. I quite like this page, so all I did was add the 'boy meets girl' title.

This is yet another old page. Lots going on here. I'm not thinking I'll change this one.

This one needs to change I think. At least adding some borders to the photos would be good. This was my very first page I did.

I love these pics, and as a second page, I think I did much better (I added borders, which helped). I added the 'I'm Yours' title to it today.

This is going to be completely redone. The colors are far too harsh for the album, so the page is going to be taken out completely and I'll be adding in different 'getting ready' pics instead. Sad, really. Then the adjacent page is for the guest list, and the paper shown there is what I'll be using for that.

I finished this page last week Tuesday. I had started on it Monday and was thinking I'd leave it and do 5x7's for the pics instead, but I didn't feel like waiting on it (hahaha) so I just left it with the 4x6's. The 'black squares' in the corner are mirror pieces. I think it turned out rather lovely (July 20-21).

I just finished this page today, and I'm rather happy with it. I got the pics in yesterday (I love I can pick my pics online at home, and then the next time we go shopping just go to pick them up). This was one of the pages I skipped due to not having any pics of me coming down the aisle. (July 25-26)

This one I did today. Yup... decided it would be good to do this... since it is the first page. I didn't feel it needed a title... it sort of speaks for itself (not to mention all the words at the bottom of the page make one kinda unnecessary). (July 26)

So, that's that for this week. Now let's see if I can get the other 7 pages done next week... and maybe even the other 2 I wish to redo! Then this book will be complete! :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Scrappin Some More

The above page took me a bit... trying to pick paper. Why is that so hard? Really... black, black, or this black... it shouldn't be so difficult! Anyway, I like how they turned out. I was going to have 'bride' on one side and 'groom' on the other, and then completely different page 'sets' dedicated to family and the bridal party, but I couldn't fit the pics I wanted of us on only one set, so I'm separating them into two sets instead. These pics lent themselves well to the square look... better than the others. (July 14-15)

I started this page last week Thursday... only to run out of stickies. So, since we were in the city on Sunday, I picked up some more from Dollarama and finished it today! I'm pleased with the look of it. I tried to do something a bit different by not having a border around some of the photos, and adding only one colored pic to each page, and making them sort of the 'negative' of each other... haha. (July 16, 20)

Monday, July 13, 2009

More Scrappin'

This page I had all planned out in my head for years now. And now it's done! I'm so happy with the results! (July 13).

Saturday, July 11, 2009

More Scrapbooking

I finally finished this set of pages... it took me four days! Sheesh.

I had the most trouble with the set up of the right page... mainly because of the setup of the two toasts being so different. I finally decided to try to mirror the left page somewhat instead. I think it turned out rather well (July 8-11)

Friday, July 10, 2009


I've finally gotten back into scrapbooking again... after almost two years. Yeah... it's been awhile. I figured since I haven't been doing any work on photos now, I'll post these pics of the pages I've done. I only started last week Saturday...

Here's the page of the guys coming to the ceremony... hubby in the tractor. (did June 27)

This is a pic of my guestbook attendants, candle lighters, and the list of attendants (June 28)

Here's the 'Down the Aisle' page, with the guys walking the mom's down, and then the bridesmaids and flower girl and ring bearer. (June 30). I skipped the next page, due to me not having a printed photo of me down the aisle (photographer only took one in his square film camera... so I have to get those sent in).

The vows, the wedding prayer... I watched to video and wrote everything up, then typed it out and made the titles on the computer as well, since nothing else I had worked the way I wanted. This one took me a number of hours to do. (July 1)
This was a fun page. It sort of spanned two days, but the majority was done on Friday the 3rd, with just a few finishing touches on the left page on Saturday. Yeah... I skipped a few pages in between my last set and this one due to us not having a normal photo of both of us signing the certificate... again, same problem as my aisle photo. (July 3-4)

I wanted only 4 pages for the reception, and two of them had to include stuff on the program, so I needed to put a lot of pics on one spread. Hence, these pages. (July 6-7).

And above, the program page. This includes a brief writeup of the program, and the lyrics to a song that was sung. (July 7-8)

The page I'm currently working on I've been working on for a few days with little success. I'm having such a hard time with the layout. That is always so difficult. I think I've worked something out now, but I haven't even started picking the paper and such... so it may be another day yet before I can post it. That is the page of the 'Roasts and Toasts', so to speak. Basically, what happened at open mike (there was only one speech really) and the toasts. However, the difficulty comes in the toasts page. They were so different... my sister's toast was written up and while not long, it looks long typed. The best man's toast is literally 2 lines long. How do you balance something like that?

Anyway, we'll see what I do, hopefully tomorrow. For now... I want to continue working on it!