Friday, July 10, 2009


I've finally gotten back into scrapbooking again... after almost two years. Yeah... it's been awhile. I figured since I haven't been doing any work on photos now, I'll post these pics of the pages I've done. I only started last week Saturday...

Here's the page of the guys coming to the ceremony... hubby in the tractor. (did June 27)

This is a pic of my guestbook attendants, candle lighters, and the list of attendants (June 28)

Here's the 'Down the Aisle' page, with the guys walking the mom's down, and then the bridesmaids and flower girl and ring bearer. (June 30). I skipped the next page, due to me not having a printed photo of me down the aisle (photographer only took one in his square film camera... so I have to get those sent in).

The vows, the wedding prayer... I watched to video and wrote everything up, then typed it out and made the titles on the computer as well, since nothing else I had worked the way I wanted. This one took me a number of hours to do. (July 1)
This was a fun page. It sort of spanned two days, but the majority was done on Friday the 3rd, with just a few finishing touches on the left page on Saturday. Yeah... I skipped a few pages in between my last set and this one due to us not having a normal photo of both of us signing the certificate... again, same problem as my aisle photo. (July 3-4)

I wanted only 4 pages for the reception, and two of them had to include stuff on the program, so I needed to put a lot of pics on one spread. Hence, these pages. (July 6-7).

And above, the program page. This includes a brief writeup of the program, and the lyrics to a song that was sung. (July 7-8)

The page I'm currently working on I've been working on for a few days with little success. I'm having such a hard time with the layout. That is always so difficult. I think I've worked something out now, but I haven't even started picking the paper and such... so it may be another day yet before I can post it. That is the page of the 'Roasts and Toasts', so to speak. Basically, what happened at open mike (there was only one speech really) and the toasts. However, the difficulty comes in the toasts page. They were so different... my sister's toast was written up and while not long, it looks long typed. The best man's toast is literally 2 lines long. How do you balance something like that?

Anyway, we'll see what I do, hopefully tomorrow. For now... I want to continue working on it!


Becky said...

Beautiful! I love all the black and white.

Simple gorgeous! Something you will cherish for years to come.

Carra said...

They look great!!!
Makes me want to do our wedding too :)

Rhonda said...

LOVE your pages! I don't have the courage to scrapbook my wedding yet...I want it to be perfect, haha!

But now I feel motivated to go do some scrapbooking -- I'm currently working on the trip we took last fall. And I'm also working on my Project 365...but that's more of a photo album than a scrapbook. For me, the biggest de-motivator for scrapbooking is that our new printer does not print out pictures that look like the originals at all. Are you using the originals in your scrapbook?

Thanks for inspiring me & once again I think your pages are beautiful!