Thursday, July 30, 2009

So Close!

I think I'll only have one more post after this one, and my album will be done!

The above photo is of the guest list page, and the redid page that I had posted in my last post. The bright yellow one? Yeah, completely different... paper, photos, etc. (July 28)

This one I could finally work on since I had the pictures of us signing now. I wanted to have the photo of the women singing the song that I typed up, but that was a color photo, and to keep both of these pics of us each signing, it wouldn't have worked. Plus, it just wasn't the greatest quality photo either. (July 28)

I did this page today. Took a long time. I had such a hard time with it because I REALLY wanted to use the sheet of paper on the left, this was the only place I could really use it, and it seemed busy, so I had to try to work with it a bit. I'm happy with the result. The ribbon was what really sealed the deal here. (July 30)
Alright, now I only have 5 pages to go! The two of the groom, the two with the both of us together, and the final page. Shouldn't take much since the paper is already picked out for them all. I'm looking forward to this being complete! :)

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Carra said...

So cool, You've got me wanting to get ours done. I have the book form CM's and all the pages, now I just need winter to arrive so that I can get it done.
Way to go in getting your'es done!