Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm Done!

I am done my wedding album! I am so happy!

And so, for the final pictures.

This page I edited from before. I removed some things and added others that will hopefully tie in the album a bit better (Aug 5)

I edited this page as well. I added frames to the photos to help them stand out a bit, as well as a few embellishments that I think add a certain je ne sais quoi! (Aug 5)

I'm really pleased with how this page turned out, especially since it was hard to figure out what to do since the one photo was an odd size. (Aug 3)

I love this page. I think the square look lends itself well to these photos. (Aug 4)

And, the final page! I'm so happy! Funny, the photo itself took longer to edit on gimp than it did to scrapbook this page, haha. I love how it turned out though. Sigh... (Aug 5)
That's it! All done! SOOO Happy!

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