Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another Wedding Pic Edited

I've edited yet another wedding photo. This is one of my husband and his family. I could also move people closer together, but that will take so very long and I don't feel like doing so much work... so here's the first photo.

And the edited version. I moved everyone sitting 'up a stair' so to speak, got rid of the rug and walls (his cloth wasn't big enough... should have taken family pics without the cloth then, ah well), and faded the corners to soften it. What do you think?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Editing Wedding Pics

Well, I edited another of my wedding pics. Very similar to the last one. I have many more to edit, mostly just fading the edges and resizing them, some of them I want to mute the coloring so as to make them work a bit better with all the black and white photos. My entire ceremony is in black and white, so I'll have to make that work for me. Anyway, here is the pic I edited today.
First, the old picture...

And now, the edited version!

More Baby Pics

Here are some more fun pics I took and modified in Gimp. Mostly just fading the edges (the first one has no modifications) and picking out colors to keep while making the rest of the image black and white. I have some purple ones I want to do this to as well... later...