Friday, January 28, 2011

Ivyscraps Challenges

Each month at ivyscraps there are a number of scrapbooking challenges some of the designers and members host to help us broaden our skills. This month I wanted to enter all of the challenges. And I did! Here are the pics and their respective challenge.

Color Challenge (used DigiDesigns Stormy kit... freebie for the color challenge partakers)
Blessings Impromptu Challenge (used Gloria's Thanks a Bunch kit)

Newspaper Challenge (used Gloria's Grandma's parlor kit)

Scraplift Challenge (used TayrinaScrapDesigns Charmed Chic kit)

Ingredients Challenge (used TayrinaScrapDesigns Charmed Chic kit)

Recipe Challenge (used Gloria's Grandma's Parlor kit)

Changing Ivy Challenge (used DigiDesigns Silverbells kit)

Theme (used DSE's December collect a kit)

Heritage challenge... we were to scrap a tradition (used Angelic Mini by DigiDesigns)

Font Challenge (using 2 of 3 given fonts... stephanieee and Coctail Bubbly)

That's all for now! Why not head on over to and play in the challenges too?

Friday, January 21, 2011

December Ivyscraps Challenges

I managed to do a few challenges at IvyScraps in December... which I haven't yet posted here. So, here they are!

Scraplift Challenge

Recipe Challenge

I have the post for the color challenge up already, and I did the changing ivy challenge, which was a bookmark, but I don't feel like putting that one up right now. Don't ask... I just don't feel like it, haha.

I will post the January challenges later. ;) You can see what I've done so far, here.

I thought it was awesome, though, to find out that my scraplift challenge page and color challenge layouts were both nominated for layout of the week, both won seperate weeks, and both ended up being in the layout of the month nominations! And... guess what... I won layout of the month! With my color challenge layout, Winter Wonderland! So I get a $5 coupon for IvyScraps store and can buy anything I want with those $5! You'd be suprised what you can all get for that price!

Why not head over to IvyScraps and meet the awesome community there?
(Note, the digital paper and embelishments on these layouts are from the Ivyscraps store)