Sunday, July 26, 2009

Guess what... more Scrappin

Time for more pics.

First some older pages I did ages ago.

This was the last page I did before I quit for 2 years. I quite like this page, so all I did was add the 'boy meets girl' title.

This is yet another old page. Lots going on here. I'm not thinking I'll change this one.

This one needs to change I think. At least adding some borders to the photos would be good. This was my very first page I did.

I love these pics, and as a second page, I think I did much better (I added borders, which helped). I added the 'I'm Yours' title to it today.

This is going to be completely redone. The colors are far too harsh for the album, so the page is going to be taken out completely and I'll be adding in different 'getting ready' pics instead. Sad, really. Then the adjacent page is for the guest list, and the paper shown there is what I'll be using for that.

I finished this page last week Tuesday. I had started on it Monday and was thinking I'd leave it and do 5x7's for the pics instead, but I didn't feel like waiting on it (hahaha) so I just left it with the 4x6's. The 'black squares' in the corner are mirror pieces. I think it turned out rather lovely (July 20-21).

I just finished this page today, and I'm rather happy with it. I got the pics in yesterday (I love I can pick my pics online at home, and then the next time we go shopping just go to pick them up). This was one of the pages I skipped due to not having any pics of me coming down the aisle. (July 25-26)

This one I did today. Yup... decided it would be good to do this... since it is the first page. I didn't feel it needed a title... it sort of speaks for itself (not to mention all the words at the bottom of the page make one kinda unnecessary). (July 26)

So, that's that for this week. Now let's see if I can get the other 7 pages done next week... and maybe even the other 2 I wish to redo! Then this book will be complete! :)

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Rhonda said...

LOVE your pages! Taking 4 days to complete a layout would be fast for me!