Monday, July 20, 2009

Scrappin Some More

The above page took me a bit... trying to pick paper. Why is that so hard? Really... black, black, or this black... it shouldn't be so difficult! Anyway, I like how they turned out. I was going to have 'bride' on one side and 'groom' on the other, and then completely different page 'sets' dedicated to family and the bridal party, but I couldn't fit the pics I wanted of us on only one set, so I'm separating them into two sets instead. These pics lent themselves well to the square look... better than the others. (July 14-15)

I started this page last week Thursday... only to run out of stickies. So, since we were in the city on Sunday, I picked up some more from Dollarama and finished it today! I'm pleased with the look of it. I tried to do something a bit different by not having a border around some of the photos, and adding only one colored pic to each page, and making them sort of the 'negative' of each other... haha. (July 16, 20)

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